Welcome to Bridgman Dunes

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Enjoy your stay on  the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan. We hope you will come back again soon.

This location in Southwest Michigan has so much to offer. The sunsets are the biggest draw for me. The small towns, orchards and wineries lead us on beautiful drives through scenic rolling hills. I love harvest time the best!

Specialty restaurants, local festivals and events provide all kinds of diversions. From here you can easily drive to Chicago, Ann Arbor, Detroit and so many other exciting cities. My favorites are the small towns you never heard of that each have something unique to offer. If you live a drivable distance to Southwest Michigan you will be amazed at how "on vacation" you will feel without traveling far from home.

If you have never been to the Great Lakes you really must come here. The Great Lakes are a national treasure accounting for over 1/5 of the WORLDS fresh water supply. If you have ever been to a small lake or an ocean and wished you could combine the best things about both...welcome to the answer to your dreams! When you look out over our beach you will think you are on an ocean. But feel the sand and the clean fresh water on your skin and you will know the joy of the Great Lakes. It is staggering to imagine that you could sit on a length of clean private fresh water beach, the envy of hundreds of beach-goes who fight for a space for their towel, and see only your children splashing in the water.

We are extremely lucky to have found this spot in the Midwest that is in so special in so many ways. There are a lot of fabulous places in the USA and the world, but often it is difficult  just to get there. Then on top of it you are surrounded by hoards of other travelers and inconveniences. Spend a week at the beach with all the comforts of home and you will really feel the benefits of a vacation.