Welcome to Bridgman Dunes

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Mind the Property Line


Property Line: Please stay on our property, the access road or the shoreline. All other areas are privately owned. The North Property Line is just one step off the deck when you exit through the screened porch. Best to head to the beach from the front door or the lakeside sliders. Take the path marked "BEACH" to the wood side fire-pit. Just past the fire-pit is the stairway to the beach. That is also a good marker of our North Property Line. We own the beach South of the stairs until you just about reach the next set of stairs. You are safely on our beach if you stay between the two stairways. The covered pavilion in the woods to the north is NOT ours.


TV Xbox and the Internet

WIFI/Ethernet high-speed internet:
wep CBE596f456
router in on kitchen peninsula and can be hooked directly with Ethernet cable provide in cabinet just below it


Stereo Receiver Box:

Power on
Set to TV:
Digital converter box w/remote must be on. Gets local TV via antenna (toggle A/D button for audio).

Set to DVD: to watch a DVD movie . Separate DVD Player w/remote.

Set to VCR1: for XBOX turn on console. Remote is the Xbox game controller

XBox Gamertag is BridgmanDudes (choose this profile to login automatically)
Purchase xbox live points from a store or online to buy or rent games/Zune Movies etc via XBOX Live.
If you have an xbox live account you can restore you profile it here to use temporarily if you prefer.

Netflix is active . Live streaming movies/tv unlimited viewing.

Upstairs Master Bedrooms:

TV is connected to antenna for local channels. Input Button = "TV"
Use TV remote to switch to INPUT = "HDMI"  to watch a DVD/Blu-Ray or access VUDU WiFi Services.

Use Magnavox remote to control the DVD/VUDU Player box.
VUDU is a free pay-per-view internet service. Sign up and you get credit for $5.99. Make sure when you leave login to VUDU.com from a PC and deactivate our player from your account. You can use VUDU.com to rent movies to watch online from your home.

TV's in the basement have DVD and/or VHS ability only until we get a converter box for digital antenna

About the Lake- Safety First

Lake Michigan Information

Never Swim Alone

Lakes are typically large, wide and deep. Even when the lake is crowded with swimmers and boaters, you should never venture out alone. Always swim with a buddy or in a group. Be aware of who is in your group and where they are at all times. Lake rip tides can pull a swimmer under and away from shore very quickly. Learn to recognize lake wave actions so you can avoid potentially dangerous tide situations.

Keep Children Safe

If you take children to swim in the lake, keep them within your grasp at all times. Strong underwater currents can catch youngsters by surprise and pull them under in seconds. Always have your children wear life vests in the water. Be prudent about allowing them into the water after a meal, or if they are over-heated. Take along a beach umbrella to provide shade and a cool place for children to rest between swims. Use sunscreen at all times.

Watch For Weather Hazards

Lake hazards can come from the sky above. Read or listen to a weather report for the lake area. Leave the water at the first sound of thunder and don't re-enter the water until at least 20 minutes after the last clap of thunder has passed. Evacuate the beach entirely in the event of lightning. In wavy conditions don't swim without a life vest and don't go out deeper than were you can touch the bottom. Use common sense, if the water looks too rough, don't go in at all.